Friday, 13 July 2012

In Chat: Fukkat Gyan

Recently while scouting the net we came across a weirdly named blog called – ‘Fukkat Gyan which intrigued and impressed us a lot. It is wacky blog which makes fun of journalists through cartoons which talk about the happenings in their daily lives. Well, it’s a great insight into the exciting work life of journalists.  We were impressed by their idea and their cartoons and we decided to get in touch with these guys. Here is our chat with the founders of ‘Fukkat Gyan’. To check out their hilarious cartoons just click here – Fukkat Gyan. Subscribe to them and get your dose of gyan absolutely fukkat! We’re sure you will love them!

Hello guys, tell us something about your personal and professional background?

We’re journalists. Our favourite colours are cyan and cerulean. Our star signs are Libra and Scorpio. And our political views are ultra left of left of centre.

Can you tell us something about the world of journalism? What is a typical journos day like?

A typical day at work involves getting to office at noon, having lunch, having a digestive chai, chatting, making some calls if we feel like it, chatting, having coffee, having an evening snack, chatting, occasionally writing, chatting, rounding off the day with chai.

So how did the idea of Fukkat Gyan strike you guys?

We were snacking on Mentos one day and as the ad claims, lightbulbs flashed inside our heads.

Why the name Fukkat Gyan?

Because we’re dispensing our gyan for free.

When did you decide to go online with it?

We started the blog on May 26, 2010. Took a long break and resumed earlier this year.

What are the cartoons about and do you have prior experience in cartoons?

The cartoons make fun of journalists and the goings-on in the newsroom. We were cartoon novices when we started.

You have associated with Mumbai Boss, how did this come about?

They asked. We said yes.

What do you guys do apart from making cartoons?

One of us does cross-stitch as a hobby. The other is a kho-kho champ.

What is the response that you have received to your cartoons? Can you share some feedbacks with us?

We’ve got some great responses. Journalists deserve to be made fun of and few do it online.

What are your views about the city of Mumbai?

We love it and hate it like everyone else.

What are you waiting for, go to fukkat gyan right away -

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