Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Art of Coffee Brewing

Historically we Indians have been tea drinkers. But recently the trend of drinking coffee has been catching up, especially in the metros. New coffee shops are springing up everywhere in the city. Coffee seems to be the favourite drink for urbanites today. Café’s in the city offer various kinds of brews of coffee, but you can’t afford to go to a café all the time to have a cup of coffee. What to do when you want to have that same taste of coffee at home? Sadly, most of us are stuck with the option of instant coffees which are nowhere near the taste we get at cafes. Well, worry not; you can use the services ‘TheCoffee Coach’ who conducts workshops that teach you how to brew that café like coffee in the comfort of your home. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this feature story of ‘The Coffee Coach’ by Discovering Mumbai.
Sahil Jatana - The Coffee Coach

Sahil Jatana – ‘Coffee Coach’ is a Bachelor in Mass Media and an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune. He is 30 years old, married and settled in Mumbai. Thanks to his fascination for media he ended up getting a job with Channel [V] as a marketing professional. Later he caught on the digital marketing wave and moved to Imagine TV to manage digital marketing for them. His last job was at a mobile marketing firm. Born in a fauji family he has traveled across the country, studying in seven schools through his childhood.

“I have been a coffee drinker since I was a kid. One of those things that I refused to drink any Bournvita or Complain and my mom decided to add coffee to the milk so that I would at least drink milk. That’s where it began actually”, says Sahil. It was in 2009, that he became really interested in coffee. He began reading about coffee, devouring everything about coffee that he could lay his hands on. Then he decided that he had had enough of his instant coffee and decided to something more with his cup of coffee. With the help of an old coffee machine in his home he started brewing what he likes to call ‘The real coffee’!
Everything that goes into the workshops

Coffee Coach came about in 2011. The mobile marketing frim he was working with was struggling to stay alive and finally decided to down its shutters. This resulted in Sahil’s frantic search for a new job. That was when his wife suggested him that he should look at doing something of his own. “It was purely her support that I decided to do something of my own”, says Sahil. First idea was to start a café, but after researching on it for quite a while, he realized that it was too big an investment for him to make. While he was hunting for the ‘Big Idea’ he decided to enhance his knowledge of coffee by taking some course in coffee brewing. To his surprise he found that there were no such courses in India. “That gave me the idea to conduct my own workshops on coffee brewing. That’s how The Coffee Coach was born”, says Sahil.

"Coffee brewing is an art as much as it is a science”, says Sahil. If you are someone who always long for a great brew at office or at home then coffee coach is meant for you. The Coffee Coach tells you everything you need to know about coffee, from buying the beans to brewing the coffee, all the tips and trick that you’ll ever need. The Coffee Coach workshops will teach you about ‘basics of beans’, ‘Coffee brewing – equipment, methods, tips and tricks’. You get to learn about ‘espresso’ and espresso preparations, coffee buying tips – what to look for when buying that packet of coffee. You will also learn about ‘coffee roasts’, their types and how they will affect the taste of your coffee. These workshops will definitely make you the best coffee brewer in your circle!
A freshly brewed cup of coffee!!!

It took Sahil four months to prepare this content of the workshop. The biggest task then was to promote the workshop and get people to attend it. Even today it is the most time consuming task for him. Most of his customers are from social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. The response, Sahil says, has been a decent one, with enquiries flowing in from across the country. For now he conducts workshops for both individuals and corporates, with a typical batch size of 8 – 12 and 20 – 25 respectively.

But with so many café’s opening up in the city, where does Coffee Coach fit in to the scene? “The Coffee Coach is about helping you brew it right! You can’t possibly go to a café every day, twice a day to get your caffeine fix. That’s where The Coffee Coach comes into the picture; he teaches you how you can brew the same coffees at home with the fancy equipment” says Sahil.
Participants at one of the workshops

Coffee is perceived as cool and aspirational, people think that they can make the tea at home, but they can’t make the cappuccino at home, so it automatically adds a little bit of cool factor to the whole premise”, says Sahil about the rising coffee culture in India. Tea never went commercial as it was a beverage we all had at home, the farthest it gets to being commercial is the neighborhood ‘tapri’. Coffee being alien for most, people thought that starting coffee chains seemed like a commercially sound idea, and that’s how the culture of cafes began in the country.

Through Coffee Coach Sahil has learnt a lot about the coffee consumption patterns and what people look for in their cup of coffee. The next step for Sahil is to open an online store where one can buy coffee powders, beans and the basic equipment to brew coffee. With the addition of the online store The Coffee Coach will become your one stop shop for all things coffee. If you are the one who can’t live without coffee then its time you gave The Coffee Coach a call! Happy brewing! 

You can check out his website  - here
You can also follow the coffee coach on twitter - @The_CoffeeCoach


  1. Lovely post!! Being a die-hard coffee-addict, I absolutely went ga-ga over this post on how we could make our coffee brew at the comforts of our home!!! Kudos to you for such a nice bit of information!!keep up the good work!!


    1. Thank you Shilpi, great to know that you liked the post :-)