Monday, 25 March 2013

Event: Water conservation awareness campaign ‘Paani Ki Pehchan’ by Podar Jumbo Kids

We are all aware about the severe drought situation that parts of Maharashtra face this year, courtesy the various forms of media. People from all sections of society have come out to spread awareness about the dire situation and its consequences. And as we approach the festival of Holi, the calls for conserving water, of celebrating a water less Holi, have been gaining strength. This cause has now been joined by kids from the Podar Jumbo Kids institute and these kids have begun creating awareness regarding water conservation through a campaign which was launched on Friday, 22nd March on World Water Day at the Santacruz Skywalk.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Event: The Broadway Funnies

Event: The Broadway Funnies
What: A comic musical based on famous Broadway compositions
Who: Delna Mody, supported by Winston Travasso; Nadine Jo Crasto on the piano
When: 20th March, 8.30 PM
Where: The Comedy Store, Level 3, Palladium Mall, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Tickets: Book My Show - click here

Monday, 4 March 2013

Games People Play!

We have all played board games when we were kids. All of us still have some beautiful memories from those days, when we played those games for endless hours with our gang of friends. With time, however, we moved on to other forms of entertainment like playstation and those board games were left inside the closet, forgotten. Not everyone though moved on; a few grown up Mumbaikars are still crazy as hell about them. And two of them, Kumar Jhuremalani and Mihir Vora, have in fact created a platform for all board game lovers called ‘Board Game Bash’ (BGB).