Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wherever Music Takes You

Love music? Love attending gigs? Disappointed that major international artists skip Mumbai most of the times? Willing to travel to wherever your favourite band is performing in the country, because you just can’t afford to skip the gig! Worry not; Chorush is here to solve your problem. Chorush, a tourism company built around music, started by two music aficionados, Krish and Suraj, is an initiative to take music fans to where the music is. No longer missing that once in a lifetime opportunity to see your favourite band/star perform live, thanks to Chorush! Ain’t that music to your ears?

Krish, co-founder of Chorush, is an audiophile who caught the travel bug very early in life. An engineer by qualification, a foodie, and a person who talks about Velvet Underground and The Doors endlessly, that’s how Krish likes to define himself. Chorush was born out of a need, a desperate need to satiate the music fan inside them. “Chorush was something that just had to be done. To us, it was the need of the hour”, says Krish. They were sad about having to miss out on a lot of gigs happening in other cities, due to either travel being too expensive or the troubles in finding decent accommodation. The idea to go for a gig alone as most of their friends would end up being busy around a gig was another factor that pushed them to start Chorush.

The concept behind Chorush is simple yet different. While there are a bunch of good people out there trying to bring down the best music, we provide facilities to improve the accessibility to these gigs and festivals”, he says. In addition to providing accessibility they also offer an extended experience of the festival. All accommodations are handpicked and customized to fit the theme of the festival. Chorush also tries to put all the travellers on a common route so that they can interact, gel and make new buddies to attend the gig with.” If you’re someone who loves to get out and meet fun and interesting people from different walks of life, different parts of the country with the love for the same music, to share an unforgettable experience, then Chorush is for you!” says Krish.
Krish, co-founder of Chorush

It has been a dream start for the guys. The concept has been well received right from their launch with NH7 Weekender in 2011 and over time they have received considerable amount of support helping them reach and better service a wider fan base. “We had a fairly good idea of a business model, but the entire purpose behind Chorush remained to make money to provide our service rather than providing a service to make money”, says Krish. The uncompromising support from friends and families too has been encouraging and kept them motivated through the initial days.  

The response has been downright fantastic”, says Krish. The number of bands, event management companies and press contacting them has been increasing with every passing event. As the music movement in India is going from strength to strength, they hope to see even stronger response in the coming days. Right now, most of their customers are from larger cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad etc. They have even had a few international guests who flew down from London, Dhaka and Colombo!
Suraj, co-founder of Chorush

On the marketing front, Chorush has been helped in a big way by their fans through word of mouth. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have been helping them greatly in this. Few of their ad campaigns have even trended on social media. Apart from online marketing, the guys have been sweating it out on the field too. They go to colleges to spread word about Chorush, offer discounts, free tickets, band merchandise and other memorabilia as contest gratifications.

With the journey so far being exciting, enriching and a rewarding one, the guys have now set sights on the future. The website is going to undergo major makeover. They plan to automate everything and add more and more events to their offerings. The biggest push, however, is to take Chorush international by next year. That’s great news for fans who don’t have the patience to wait for their bands to come down to India!

These two young entrepreneurs have given their everything to convert Chorush from an idea to a reality. “Waking up on the wrong side of the bed with a crazy idea in your head; Believing in that idea and doing everything it takes to actually make it work. Entrepreneurship to us is really just freedom of mind. It represents breaking all rules set by the Indian mentality, and chasing our dreams”, says Krish. In the end, like always, we asked Krish and Suraj to describe Mumbai in a few words, “All the awesome gigs we’ve watched at Bluefrog, Zenzi (RIP), Bonobo and Razz. That’s Mumbai for us”. We hope the two of them continue to chase their dreams and in the process help the dreams of many music fans come to life.

Excited about the prospect of conveniently being able to attend your favourite artist’s gig at another city, just visit Chorush – here

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