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Guest Post: Down the delicious memory lane!

Today, on Discovering Mumbai we have Richa, a food blogger, who writes the blog Knead With Love. This is her guest post about some of the famous Mumbai eateries which have stood the test of time. Hope you enjoy reading the post, and to read more from this awesome food blogger head over to her blog - Knead With Love

In this fast pace life we have in Mumbai there are few places that always remind us of the easier times and in their own way, mellow down the chaos around us. I’m talking about the old eateries and restaurants that have stood tall and still dish out deliciousness with sheer simplicity.
Each week we read about new restaurants in this city and at the same time the restaurant you saw last week may not be in business anymore. In between this inconsistency, there are places where the world does stand still and these are the culinary jewels of Mumbai!

Here’s a list of some of these places which are totally worth giving a try.

1.     Kyani & Co.: Visit this Irani for its simple and down to earth food. Be it Akuri on toast, an omelette or just plain old Bun muska with chai, mutton cutlets. Everything is delicious.

2.   K. Rustoms at Churchgate has been around forever. A block of creamy, flavourful ice cream between two super thin wafers is truly delicious. They have so many flavours that you’ll need multiple, and I do mean multiple visits to try all of them. My favourites here: Nescafe, kesar pista, custard apple

3.    Prakash has been in Dadar since over 40 years now and it still serves piping hot sabudana wadas and fiery hot missal pav. And well...if you are in Mumbai shouldn’t you enjoy a good missal pav??

4.    CafĂ© Churchill is a small little restaurant which serves yummy pasta, lasagne and desserts. There is no fuss about the ambience here; it’s just all about the FOOD!! Highly recommended to try the mushroom lasagne, pink sauce pasta, Malfouti (Spinach cheese balls baked in tomato cream sauce) and Kahlua torte.

5.    Ram Ashraya in mini South India i.e Matunga is the place to be if you want to have the best upma ever!! It’s lip smacking and truly melts in the mouth. And the chutney they serve with the upma is great too!! Also worth mentioning is the Sheera puri they serve. The sheera flavour changes every day and the perfect balance of sweet sheera and savory puri always hits the right spot!

6.   Badshah’s Royal falooda is the perfect sweet you can treat yourself with after shopping from Crawford market. I’m not a falooda fan but Badshah’s royal falooda is an exception. It’s not too sweet, the rose syrup is great and ice cream to milk proportion perfect!

7.    Thakker bhojnalay, in the tiny bylanes of Kalbadevi serves up all-you-can-eat Gujarati thali. It’s not just all-you-can-eat vegetarian is all-you-can-eat delicious vegetarian food!! Once seated there is no stopping here. Chutneys followed by salad, snacks, papad, vegetables, rotis smothered with ghee, bhakris with more ghee, dal, kadhi, rice, sweets and a never-ending refill of chaas. *burp!*
8.    A-1 Bakery is a tiny little bakery on the ever busy hill road. Stop here for a quick takeaway of the delicious chicken puff, mutton pattice or chicken croissants. It truly serves deliciousness on a tini tiny budget!

9.   Cafe Madras is another jewel in the mini South India that Mumbai has. Always crowded and on weekends it’s for sure that you will have to wait to get a table here. But after all the wait a bite of Idli with white butter and pudi (a dry powdered chutney which is generally mixed with ghee/ oil when eaten) and kappi you’ll be in heaven!

10.  Head towards Bagdadi if you are in the mood for a really big roti with chicken masala fry or just chicken tandoori fry. Yes..I do feel they fry all of their meats..but it’s delicious!! The interiors of this place aren’t that pretty but it wouldn’t be a part of the old world then right!?! But it does have quick service, great chicken, huge rotis, easy on the pocket and delicious caramel custard…what more do you need! But ya this place is strictly for non vegetarians.

My list of “old is gold” places in Mumbai is pretty limited and I already have more names popping in my head...Crystal, Ayub’s, Britannia & Co., J.Hearsh Bakery and I can go on and on. But for now..if you haven’t been to these places yet then do plan out a visit soon! Happy eating!! 

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