Friday, 14 June 2013

Moojic: The Power To Play Your Music!

Are you tired of listening to the same songs whenever you go out to a pub or cafe? How amazing it would be if you could play your favourite songs at your favourite pub/cafe? Wouldn't it be the perfect setting for that special occasion, a birthday treat or a date? If yes, then you are in for a sweet melodic surprise. Mumbai based entrepreneurs Kumaran Mahendran & Neha Behani have come out with ‘Moojic, a service that does just that. No, we are not talking about some creaking old jukebox with flashy lights; ‘Moojic’ is a one of a kind service that lets you control the playlist directly from your phone!

Discovering Mumbai had a candid chat with Anton, who works for Moojic. Read the following interview to get a complete low down about Moojic -

DM: Anton could you please enlighten us about your personal and professional backgrounds?

Anton:  I am mostly known as "the guy who gets any work done" within Moojic (apart from coding!).

DM: What was the inspiration behind creating this service?

Anton: Two awesome friends, Kumaran and Neha, started their career with two different industries. They had the jobs which normal people will refer to as dream jobs. But they didn't want to do the same thing that everybody does. They thought out of the box. They had an idea and they believed in it. Both left their jobs, decided to do what they are passionate about without even thinking what the future holds. 
Kumaran and Neha

The idea was conceived in a coffee shop where they missed the yesteryear’s jukeboxes. They thought how a jukebox would be if it was made today. And Moojic was born. After 10 prototypes and one year of continuous feedback from every stake holder, today you see a near-perfect solution that everyone loves.

DM: How does this service work?

Anton: We have this device which plays music and which can be installed in cafés and restaurants. The cool thing about this device is, if you have a smart phone you can download our free app and you can request your own songs. For people who don't use a smart phone, even they can request songs through an SMS. So the endpoint is sitting in a pub or a café with your loved ones and listening to your favourite music. How better could a date or hang out with friends or a special moment get?

DM: What kind of efforts went into setting up Moojic? What were the challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?

Anton: I became a part of this Moojic family when we were in the 6th prototype, which was very different solution from what you see today.  And we already got some interests, clients were ready but we didn't have a stable solution or application by then. We would just sit and work anytime anywhere where we could find internet access. Of course there were times when we would plan something and something else would happen. With Moojic things never went as we planned for a while but we never stopped believing and yes since we are cool we never stopped having fun too. There were even instances where we would just sit and wait for the song requests to get added and when that would happen the feeling that was incomparable. I can vouch that every single person with Moojic is passionate about what they are doing. As a result we work incessantly till we figure out solutions. And look who recognized us and came on-board as mentors - Rajan Anandan with Harvard Business Angels.

Moral of the story: Be passionate about your work and keep calm and rule the world!
Team Moojic

DM: What was the first reaction of the people who heard about the service?

Anton: People fall in love with it! When someone hears about our idea and what all our product does they just go wow! And when they see it working they just go awestruck.

DM: How did the venues react? Are they open to the idea of letting people choose what music is played at their venues?

Anton: Most of the venues are just so excited about how their customers would feel to experience it. All the owners of the outlets want their outlet to have some feature which will give the customer a better experience.

DM: Can you share some memorable experiences from the journey so far?

Anton: Memorable experiences! There are loads! But there’s one that’s closest to my heart. It was my first unexpected client meeting. Everybody at office was stuck with some work, so we a team of three guys headed to the clients place on a rainy evening. The meeting was scheduled at 6.00 pm and unfortunately we couldn’t make it on time because of the rain and the traffic. We managed to get there by 6.45pm and the guy who we were supposed to meet almost cancelled the meeting. We tried our puppy faces and finally he agreed to stay for 15 minutes. All we had is 15 minutes to explain about our awesome product. However, he just fell in love with it as soon as when he saw it with his own eyes. The meeting which was supposed to get over in just 15 minutes went to an hour and now he wants Moojic installed in all of his outlets. A bunch of people who didn’t know what sales is all about, almost cracked a deal for all of his outlets.
I feel that Moojic has made us a better and improved version of ourselves every!

DM: Few words about Mumbai?

Anton: I love the culture here. People value every single penny and the nightlife is just awesome. Read this in a magazine which goes like "If a person can survive in Mumbai they can survive anywhere in the world" and I think it’s true!

Currently the service is available at Mocha Mojo, Ivy Wine Bar, On Toes and will soon be available at other venues. No additional SMS charges are applicable; you pay your regular SMS charges for availing the service.

If you have tried out Moojic or if are planning to try it out soon, then do let us know your views at or leave a comment here.

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  3. Taking a new step is what people fear the most.. But then u guys made it happen.. Very much innovative.. And kudos to moojic team :)

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