Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Discovering Mumbai - The Intro

Discovering Mumbai is not just a blog. It’s an attempt to understand the city. An attempt to uncover some hidden gems of stories that lie underneath all the hustle bustle of this ever spreading metropolis. It wants to talk about the things that make Mumbai the city of dreams! Its about those dreamers! 

Discovering Mumbai strives to bring you the story of Mumbaikars who make this city a unique place. Behind all the glitz and glamour of bollywood and stock markets lies the real Mumbai. The one that is inhabited by dreamers, motivated citizens toiling to achieve their goals. These dreamers come from different walks of life. Their dreams are unique and so are their paths. Some want to reach the pinnacle of stardom; flashlights are what they dream of; while some dream of making the city a better place for everyone who calls it home.

Mumbai is a city of contrasts, from high rise towers to sprawling slums, from imported cars to hand drawn carts, from five star restaurants to the humble vada pav stall. This contrasting nature of the city has always attracted creative minds. Be it Bollywood, painters, writers and poets, the city has inspired all to create works of art about it. Many people have tried to capture the spirit of the city in their words, poems, photographs and movies. The maximum city has the potential to inspire all!

Discovering Mumbai also seeks to understand the thing they call ‘spirit of Mumbai’, which is credited to making Mumbai so very much different from other cities. We plan to bring to you unique stories which will showcase this spirit of Mumbai. It is an attempt to decode the city. Hopefully we will be able to successfully decode the city for you!

We welcome you on this journey – let’s go discover Mumbai.


  1. nice concept...wising u best of luck on this journey!!

  2. Thank you Alok, I hope you will like the upcoming posts. Do keep commenting.