Monday, 25 March 2013

Event: Water conservation awareness campaign ‘Paani Ki Pehchan’ by Podar Jumbo Kids

We are all aware about the severe drought situation that parts of Maharashtra face this year, courtesy the various forms of media. People from all sections of society have come out to spread awareness about the dire situation and its consequences. And as we approach the festival of Holi, the calls for conserving water, of celebrating a water less Holi, have been gaining strength. This cause has now been joined by kids from the Podar Jumbo Kids institute and these kids have begun creating awareness regarding water conservation through a campaign which was launched on Friday, 22nd March on World Water Day at the Santacruz Skywalk.

Young enthusiastic kids, accompanied by their parents, braved the noon heat and stood dressed as farmers with placards to spread the all important message of water conservation. The campaign, aptly titled ‘Paani Ki Pehchan’ aims to spread the message of water conservation through various means. “We have come out with a story book called ‘Lappu and the magic of paani’ which will inform children about the significance of water conservation through the story of Lappu, a kid who comes from a drought hit village of Maharshtra,” said Swati Vats, Director, Podar Jumbo Kids. The story of Lappu and its message will be spread to the public through puppet shows at various locations like schools, housing societies etc.

In support of the water less Holi cause the institute has come out with another story in the form of a comic strip called ‘Holi with Golu and friends’ which tells kids how they can celebrate a safe and healthy holi and conserve valuable water at the same time. As a part of this campaign children will also visit various 5 star hotels in the city and ask them to request their guests not to use bath tubs as it is a sheer waste of water.

‘Paani Ki Pehchan’ is not just limited to Mumbai; kids from all the centres of Podar Jumbo Kids, across Maharashtra will be a part of this campaign to save water. The institute is also collecting signatures from citizens in support of the water conservation drive and this will be presented to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan by kindergarten kids from the institute.

It is very encouraging to see these kids come out in support of this noble cause. It is the responsibility of all adults to ensure that kids are taught the right lessons when it comes to issues like water conservation, like they say ‘catch them young’, so that they understand their responsibilities towards the environment. Children need to be taught that conserving the environment is in fact a step towards ensuring a better future for themselves. The kids at Podar Jumbo Kids are doing their bit for the environment; hopefully through their campaign they will be able to make aware many more kids and adults about their responsibilities.

Discovering Mumbai too supports the cause of Water-less Holi.


  1. Great message provided by Kids about saving water in such global warming condition. Many of the big organisation started advertising with the help of Media of saving water. We save and recycle water with the help of water harvesting system, which save a high amount of water in a tank and we can use this water for various purpose.