Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Event: The Broadway Funnies

Event: The Broadway Funnies
What: A comic musical based on famous Broadway compositions
Who: Delna Mody, supported by Winston Travasso; Nadine Jo Crasto on the piano
When: 20th March, 8.30 PM
Where: The Comedy Store, Level 3, Palladium Mall, Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Tickets: Book My Show - click here

We got invited for the media preview of a comic musical called ‘The Broadway Funnies’ and being the explorers that we are, we thought it would be a wise decision to go for this event. ‘The Broadway Funnies' is a show by Delna Mody, whose previous shows include Good Morning Miss Kathya, Life Through The Songs We Like, Stop-Gaps in Widening The Street and playing Maria in Raell Padamsee’s The Sound Of Music.

The preview was held on Monday at 5.30 PM at The Comedy Store. As we found our seats, Delna was already on stage, in a bright red outfit with some intriguing props, a cowboy hat, a whip and other stuff! This really set the tone of the show for us; and we were ready for an interesting show to unfold.

We were treated to eight comical compositions, the complete show, we were told, will have sixteen! Here’s a little dough about the compositions that we had a chance to listen to -

Paris Makes Me Horny - The song of a blonde who loves Paris for the simple reason that it makes her feel sexy, horny.  Expect quirky descriptions of cities in this one e.g. Oslo is too slow, Helsinki is kind Kinky, London is good only for a day etc. as the blonde describes her love for Paris.

100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man - We found this one pretty interesting, the bottom line being, to lose a man don’t act dumb, please act more knowledgeable than him and he is sure to run away from you. The lyrics were smart and entertaining.

Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind – A song about how women sometimes do stuff they hate, for the man they love.

Not Getting Married – A soon to be bride is having a nervous breakdown on the wedding day and wants to call off the wedding.

Anything You Can Do I Can Do It Better – The best of the pack! This is about a duel between a female and a male cowboy. Both Delna and Winston are at their best in this one.

Delna has definitely picked up some nice compositions from Broadway and with her singing and acting she has executed them beautifully. Talking about her singing, being the trained singer that she is, she hits the high notes as comfortably and perfectly as her low notes. The supporting members, Winston and Nadine, also deserve a special mention. Nadine, at the piano was fantastic and is a fine talent. We heard that she has been accepted at the Royal School of Arts, London.  Though Winston is in support, he does deliver a powerful performance in ‘Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better’.

We found ourselves laughing through most of the show. None of the compositions felt like a drag; they were all long enough to be entertainingly hilarious. But our favourites will have to be ‘Good Thing He Cant Read My Mind’ and ‘Anything You Can Do I Can Do It Better.

We think you should surely give ‘The Broadway Funnies’ a try for its fun lyrics and a powerful performance by Delna. So if you would like to add musical notes of laughter to your evening then mark 20th March on your calendar for a date with ‘Broadway Funnies’ and Delna Mody.

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