Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Let's Ban It!

We Indians have found the sure fire solution to all problems that plague our society. And it’s such a simple solution that I wonder what why this didn't strike us earlier!
R.I.P. Lingerie Mannequins

The solution is just two simple words ‘Ban it’! So easy, isn't it? Just ban whatever you feel is not good for the larger society. You may question who gives a person or a group the authority to decide what is right or wrong for the entire populace. Well, who said they want to create a perfect society or there being a democratic process about anything; these are an effort to create an ideal society as perceived by some xyz VIP/VVIP or self righteous people!

And in keeping with this tradition of banning stuff, the BMC, an organization not known for its innovative ways of governance, came up with a very smart idea to control the menace of sexual crimes in Mumbai. It decided to ban all mannequins with lingerie from the windows of shops!

Whatever may be the reason or logic behind their decision, we as good citizens should appreciate the BMC in coming out with a solution to this growing threat. At least someone knows what to do about it; Delhi can definitely learn something from the BMC! Now if the BMC could only solve some other more perennial problems like pot holes, illegal hoardings, eh?

However this move has been percieved by some as anti poor and rightly so! The rich rapists can definitely get themselves aroused to commit a sexual crime by watching Fashion TV or over the Internet or just buy a DVD. But where will the poor go to feast their sexual desires, the dingy video halls or front covers of magazines or those supplements in the newspapers? Taking away from them a cheap source of sexual pleasure will leave them starved! This BMC does not care about the poor of the city! Or is it that the BMC wants to say that only the poor become rapists? Who are we to doubt their intelligence or challenge their good motives!

The twitterati has been very hard on the BMC; here are some tweets for you –

‏@AListRap -
A nation terrified of vaginas. Terrified of a woman's sexuality. Terrified of independent women. And the mannequins that look like them.
Malika Sherawat is drawling right now, ' What did I tell ya? Even mannequins are not safe in this regressive, hypocritical Indian society'
No mannequins in Mumbai? You mean the vulgar looks at women, sexual crimes, treating women like commodities... all will end now? Yay!
Skirts,late working hrs,education,clubbing,Chinese food,burger, mannequins.Everything causes rapes except men!

And this next one seems to be very popular -
On sports channels: IPL cheerleaders dancing in slow motion and squirting Pepsi

So what are we going to ban next? IPL? Naah, loads of politicians mint loads of money from it. Item songs? Naah what is a Bollywood movie without one! Mallika Sherawat? Well, that could be a good thing!

What would you ban if you had the power to ban something? Let us know.

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  1. I would ban Sonia Gandhi from and the Pakistanis from entering India.. BTW great article.